About Me

I am a somewhat professional writer caught up in a long-standing love affair with punctuation (particular favourites include the semi-colon, Oxford comma, and interrobang). I am also a keen amateur photographer and passionate snacker. When not eating, writing or snapping (or engaging in all three activities simultaneously) I can be found playing hockey, relaxing with a board game, indulging in a good movie, or singing loudly and out of tune at the top of my voice.

About Why I’m Writing

I started thinking harder about the concept of happiness when my mother pointed out that I might be deficient in Vitamin D – I didn’t realise what a common deficiency it is or just how much it could potentially affect a person’s mood and health. I rest somewhere on the blurred line between hypochondria and health-consciousness (whilst frequently sabotaging all good intentions with unholy quantities of chocolate) and so I immediately began making a concerted effort to introduce more Vitamin D into my system. Once I started reaping the myriad benefits of lunchtimes spent outdoors rather than hunched over in a corner of the canteen I started to consider other areas of my life that could be improved upon to increase my happiness levels. And in order to catalogue the experience more fully it has led to this blog…

About the Blog

I am intensely interested in theories of happiness and Learning Happiness – An exploration in the field of joy is the result of transferring these theories into practice. This ongoing journal follows my efforts to find greater happiness in every day and stop comparing myself to others or diminishing my own experiences through comparison. When we apply for happiness on a points-scoring basis then we miss the point of the exercise. This is not a competition; happiness is inherently personal and can not be accurately measured or compared. But it can be increased. And as far as I can make that happen in my own life, I shall endeavour to do so.

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